Live the good virtual life in this amazing simulation.

TSM Game

Play with life.


Godlike caretaker, amateur architect, master puppeteer—you’re a little bit of everything in The Sims Mobile, where gamers customize avatars powered by artificial intelligence and guide them through their daily lives in a vibrant virtual neighborhood.

Is it OK that we’ve spent hours meticulously re-creating ourselves, from the shape and color of our eyes to our clothing choices? And is it normal to agonize over every towel rack and dining chair, whether the paint in the bedroom is too pure a shade of white, our throw rugs too patterned?

Customization is at the heart of The Sims Mobile, so put together the perfect outfit—or living room design!

We admit, we’re a little caught up in this from-the-ground-up Sims experience. Can you blame us? This is, after all, the most full-featured and all-around stylish take on the popular life-simulator to grace mobile devices.

Create a flirty, green-skinned barista, or go for a gray-haired curmudgeon who DJs in his downtime and loves spicy food. If you can dream them up, you can design them.

Is your Sim a stylist? Sweet gig!

As the Sims go about their daily lives—cleaning houses, mingling with neighbors, and working at hospitals, coffee shops, and fitness centers—they grow as virtual beings. Have them tackle quests to level up and access new abilities and objects, from furniture to original behavior settings. 

Inevitably, Sims grow old and retire, passing down traits to the next generation. A music teacher’s son might grow up to form a popular rock band, or a yoga instructor’s daughter may one day open her own dance studio. 

It’s a social game too. Invite friends’ avatars over for a shindig, or bunk at their digital pad. You’re even able to meet up with others at big events, like Speed-Dating in the Park.

Franchise fans and newcomers will both feel right at home in this innovative mobile version. Welcome to the neighborhood!