Slowly - Make Global Friends

Write Letters & Make Friends

I thought of that anticipation, that feeling of getting a letter from someone, and you don’t know what they look like.

Hong Kong developer Kevin Wong was worn out by social media. The stress from its constant immediacy got him reminiscing about his old pen pals, and ultimately inspired him to create SLOWLY, a social platform for savouring correspondence.

This is not an ordinary social networking app. There are no profile photos to upload. Instead, you pick an illustrated avatar. It may feel strange at first. But, isn’t it refreshing to set appearances aside for a little mystery? First impressions are solely made through words, which means no more throwaway messages. You’ll have to put extra thought into your profile and find interesting things to talk about to find like-minded friends.

Tip: Let go and get creative with your introduction. You’ll be surprised how effective it can be in garnering a reply.

Next comes writing your first letter. Take your time to describe yourself, your interests and whatever other details you feel say the most about you. Just don’t rush it. Remember, the app is called SLOWLY. And unlike other platforms, a detailed profile won’t leave your account to languish in limbo. In-depth introductions generate discussions. When you’re finished, send your letter off and the app will pair you up with a pen pal.

Spark a conversation with some open-ended questions.

If you don’t get an immediate response, relax. The app simulates the snail mail experience. Depending on the distance between pen pals, your letter will take two hours to two days to arrive. This takes some of the pressure off of responding instantly and makes every letter something to anticipate.

After getting acquainted with your pen pal, ask to exchange photos. If they’re up for it, enclose some in your next letter and share more about yourself.

Wait patiently and you’ll be rewarded with a letter from far away. It will even come with a cool, collectable postage stamp.

Ask your pen pals to include their local stamps on their letters for you to collect. Also, the app will sometimes release limited-edition stamps available as soon as you log in.

Already looking forward to connecting with your future friends? Set aside some time, sit down and put thought into each word. From writing and waiting to receiving, this is an experience to be enjoyed. SLOWLY is all about the process.