Catch Up With a Classic: Pokémon Quest

They’ve never been this cute—or catchable.

Pokémon Quest



Yearning to perfect the fine art of training and battling Nintendo’s curious critters? You’ll undoubtedly fall for the cube-shaped fun of Pokémon Quest.

Set on colorful Tumblecube Island, Pokémon Quest turns you into a trainer out to explore and build up a base camp by—what else—collecting and evolving Pokémon. Read on to discover why Pokémon Quest remains such a rare catch.

Meet Tumblecube Island, the blockiest Pokémon refuge on the planet.

It’s cooking with monsters
Good things come in threes—including the party of Pokémon you control. You’ll head out on expeditions with a trio of troublemakers, from starters like Charmander and Squirtle to rarities like Alakazam and Dragonite. Your goal: defeat the island’s inhabitants, collect their spoils, and head back to home base for a little chef’s work.

Use Leer to intimidate enemies, for instance, then follow up with a Cross Chop or Flamethrower to deal even more damage.

Cooking up delicious recipes will attract Pokémon to your camp. And if they’re strong enough, the new additions can be added to your squad, letting you access tougher parts of Tumblecube—and sweeter rewards. With over 150 to collect, it’s a bona fide Pokémon experience.

Mixing and matching attacks is a recipe for success.

It’s got moves
Each Pokémon has two special moves which, as in Pokémon GO’s gym battles, need to recharge after use. Trigger them yourself, or automate the action and sit back as you watch your team demolish enemies.

Don’t let its cute looks fool you—Pokémon Quest is loaded with depth.

Players looking for a little more control needn’t worry: Pokémon Quest has surprising tactical depth. Time attacks correctly to pull off clever combinations. Use Leer to intimidate enemies, for instance, then follow up with a Cross Chop or Flamethrower to deal even more damage.

Add to your Pokémon’s arsenal with these Move Stones, which you’ll find when out adventuring.

It’s got power too
Pokémon Quest hides more tactics in the form of stat-boosting Power Stones. Some give your frontline Pokémon a big health boost—great for soaking up damage while your ranged attackers fire from a distance. Other Power Stones modify moves. One Stone widens the reach of a narrow attack, for instance, while another reduces recovery time to let your Pokémon immediately repeat an attack.

It’s in no rush
Pokemon Quest is happy to let you progress at your own pace. You can slowly build up your squad, repeating expeditions to gain experience. Or lean into the game’s strategic side, seeking out rare stones and tweaking your formation until you’re unbeatable. Whatever kind of Pokémon player you are, Quest has something for just about everyone.

    Pokémon Quest