Your neighbour is coding cool apps

More than 80 million people live in Germany and some of those are the very talented individuals who design and program the apps and games that entertains us, capture our imagination or simply make our lives a little easier.

Many are based in Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, but like the German population, the growing developer scene is extremely diverse. That’s why we’ve found a selection of fantastic apps and games for you from people based all over the country – some of them might even come from your neighbourhood!

Planny 2
This is the ultimate to-do list friend everyone needs. Developed in Krummendiek near Itzehoe, the app makes it easier to plan your day from the morning onwards and even makes working through those sometimes tedious tasks fun. Instead of feeling demotivated by an overflowing to-do list (we’ve all been there), the app intelligently suggests what you should do every morning and during the day, reminding you with a gentle nudge if you tend to forget things.

    Planny 3 - Smart To Do List

    Plan and complete your tasks


Vectornator Pro
Inspired to create your own works of art? Vectornator Pro from Karlsruhe is the perfect graphics tool for both amateurs and professional graphic artists to quickly design incredible illustrations.

    Vectornator: Design Software

    Illustration & UI Design


iRedpoint Bouldering Tracker
Whether you want to cross the heights of the Swabian Alps with the Schwäbsche Eisebahne or go bouldering, we’ll let you decide. For the latter try the iRedpoint Bouldering Tracker developed in Leinfelden-Echterdingen in Württemberg. Using the Apple Watch and the built-in barometer, this nifty app measures the distance you’ve covered, your heart rate and the calories burned during your bouldering tour.

    Redpoint: Bouldering & Climb

    #1 Climbing Tracker & Trainer


Is the secret to FC Bayern Munich’s dominance perhaps feastr? We’ve no idea. But what we do know is that the app from the Weißwurst capital has loads of great healthy recipes that will fuel you as well as any top footballer. You’ll be able to focus on maintaining a healthy weight and the meals are as easy to prep as a veal sausage breakfast!

    feastr - weight loss meal plan

    easy & healthy recipes


QB - a cube's tale
Kassel knows a thing or two about contemporary art thanks to the art fair documenta. And it might be no coincidence that QB – a cube’s tale originated here. This minimalist and modern puzzler with a whopping 80 levels, would not be out of place in the line-up for the next documenta.

    QB - a cube's tale

    A slightly different cube game


Beautiful Potsdam is renowned for its artistic works, even if they are rather cinematic in nature and come from the infamous Studio Babelsberg. Maybe that’s why the Becasso app was born here: it’s all about art after all. Awaken your inner Van Gogh and transform your pictures via the app into enchanting works of art reminiscent of classics from the likes of Franz Marc, Max Beckmann or Henri Matisse, all at the touch of your finger.

    BeCasso: Photo to Painting App

    Make Digital Art From Pictures


Aerofly FS 2
You might say Aerofly FS 2, the crowd-pleasing flight simulation app, is flying high right now – particularly because it’s a genre that is enjoying growing popularity in Germany.

    Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator



Football Pocket Manager 2018
Nearly every German national thinks they have a better match plan than Jogi Löw. And with Football Pocket Manager from Langenhagen, you can put that theory to the test. Assemble your own star team, keep an eye on player contracts and your cashflow so you can take advantage of that transfer window, then watch your team take home one victory after another. Score!

    Soccer Pocket Manager 2019

    Be the best coach in the world


You’ll be an art connoisseur in no time with Magnus: an app that enhances the experience of art, for everyone. Simply take a photo of a piece of art and the app will show you the value of the painting as well as things like its exhibition history for galleries and museums. Has it stirred your inner art guru? Well you’re not alone. None other than Leonardo DiCaprio has become an investor and consultant, supporting the app that is programmed in Düsseldorf and Berlin.

“Where there is much light, there is strong shadow.” Not only did Goethe himself know this, but as it turns out, so too the developer of Schattenspiel: a quirky puzzle game about, you guessed it, light and shadow. The game was developed in Freinsheim in the Palatinate and it’s lots of fun too. Create your very own piece of art by arranging lamps and blocks in the correct sequence.


    light. shadow. art.


Build Your Palace
Germany doesn’t really do palaces. Castles yes, but not really palaces. If you want to change that, but aren’t sure how to construct the next Neuschwanstein from the ground up, then try your luck with Build Your Palace from developers in Hamburg. It will challenge your memory and lead you to unlock the palaces of your dreams.

    Build Your Palace

    Memory game