Perplexing puzzler ColorFold looks lovely, but it takes a special touch.


Fold-tastic Puzzles


This brilliant, minimalist puzzle game demands only that you drag a finger around on the screen to unfurl coloured streamers. What could be more relaxing?

But appearances can be deceiving. The first few stages of ColorFold are simple enough, but by level eight, it gets really tricky.

The goal is to draw a line—represented by paper ribbons—through a simple course, avoiding obstacles and running over specific targets.

ColorFold is all about controlling chaos.

Level 13 introduces another strip, and you have to finish the course with both. Sometimes they mirror each other, and you must complete the stage by manoeuvring one streamer with an eye on what its partner is doing. And then, at level 35, there’s a third streamer—and it gets even harder.

Fortunately, developer Martin Pluisch has thrown in a hint system, so tapping an icon in the top left of the display brings up guides on what to do next.

There’s no penalty for accepting help, but your pride might not recover.