Family Team-Up!

3 games you’ll love playing with your kids.

The kids just want to play games? Maybe it’s time you joined in. Whether you’re on the go or on the couch, these cooperative games promote healthy communication and strengthen bonds. After all, a family that plays together stays together.

Uno, but duo

A colorful, cartoony art style gives virtual Uno! added pizzazz.

The iPhone and iPad version of this timeless card game packs a great twist: 2v2 mode. Team up with your child and play against another duo online. 

Not only is 2v2 the perfect way to bring your family into every match, it also deepens the strategy. See your partner’s hand and plan ahead to ensure that one of you wins the round! Whether you play with classic rules or set up your own custom matches with friends, don’t forget to shout “Uno!” (or tap the Uno button) when you’re down to your last card.


    The World’s #1 Card Game


What big binaries you have!

In Little Red Coding Club, kids’ simple commands lead Red through the forest.

Little Red Riding Hood is lost in the woods on her way to Grandma’s house, so good thing you and your kiddo are here to help! The simple cooperative puzzles in Little Red Coding Club stealthily teach the basics of coding—and do it all in augmented reality. Set up your play space in the real world and work together to guide Red around the maps, avoid the wolf, and make it home safely.

    Twinkl Little Red Coding Club

    A Coding Game For Kids


Ahead of the pack

“It’s furry with big cheeks!” Heads Up! Kids’ wordless puzzles will have the whole family spouting hints.

Do your kids love making funny sounds? Give ’em a good reason to oink at you with Heads Up! Kids, a family-friendly take on Ellen DeGeneres’ party-game masterpiece, Heads Up!

Hold your iPhone to your forehead so other players can see the object that appears on the screen. Brace yourself for belly laughs as they shout out clues to help you guess what it is (a pig, clearly, what with all the oinking). This no-reading-required game is perfect for parties and wee ones.

    Heads Up! Kids