Power Up Your Drag-and-Drop

Yoink makes moving and using files easy.

Yoink - Better Drag and Drop

Your File and Snippet Shelf


Yoink is like having an always-there, easy-to-access virtual shelf on your Mac. Use it to stash files, folders, images, documents, URLs, and text snippets until you need them—without having to clutter your desktop.

What we love: How easy Yoink makes moving and accessing files. Start dragging a file, folder, or text clipping and Yoink’s shelf appears on your Mac’s screen; drop an item onto the shelf and it stays there until you’re ready to move, view, or use it. (No more having to open side-by-side Finder windows.) Drag multiple items to create a stack that lets you store, and later move, all the items together.

Quick tip: Yoink can automatically save recent Clipboard items—up to 36 of them—for easy access. Anything you store in Yoink can instantly be transferred to Yoink on another Mac, or to the iPhone or iPad version of the app.

Meet the creator: Self-taught Austrian developer Matthias Gansrigler says the app’s name was inspired by a sound effect on The Simpsons. His favorite feature is Yoink’s multipurpose keyboard shortcut (F5 by default): Press it to show/hide the shelf, press it twice to add Clipboard contents to the shelf, or press and hold it to re-add the latest item you moved off the shelf.