Sayonara Wild Hearts

Rev up for a mind-blowing, electronica-fueled ride.

Hopeful, gorgeous, and boundlessly creative, Sayonara Wild Hearts is pure interactive poetry—the kind that gets your adrenaline pumping and makes your spirit soar.

When it’s humming—and you’re chasing deer through glowing forests or dodging aircraft across twilight cityscapes—Sayonara Wild Hearts electrifies the senses.

The goal: Heal your broken heart. To achieve that, the story (voiced by Queen Latifah) takes you into a fantasy world, where obstacles to inner peace manifest as acrobatic clashes with masked motorcyclists and high-speed scuffles with a laser-blasting Cerberus. Battle past symbols of your self-doubt without crashing as levels shift around you.

You can experience Sayonara Wild Hearts in your own way: Rocket ahead to the beat of the soundtrack’s charging drums. Or embrace your goal-oriented side, replaying levels to memorize their intricacies and boost your scores ever higher.

Even when the journey ends, Sayonara Wild Hearts stays with you; its snaking rivers of violet light, sinuous electronica, and soaring vocals reverberate. If you enter this intensely emotional game with an open mind, you may just leave with a full—and healed—heart.

    Apple Arcade

    Sayonara Wild Hearts

    A Pop Album Video Game


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