5 VSCO Tips and Tricks

Dive into this powerful photo editor with a few simple tricks.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

Edit with Filters & Effects


VSCO’s elegant filters and powerful editing tools have made it a darling in the photography and video world (and on social media). Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Go analog

VSCO is famous for its photo and video filters (known as Presets), many of which are modeled on old-school film. (KC25 is based on Kodachrome, for example.) Overwhelmed by all the choices? When selecting a Preset, swipe over to “For This Photo.” VSCO uses machine learning to analyze the dominant colors and suggest six ideal options.

2. Create your own recipe

After you make a series of edits—increasing exposure, adjusting skin tone, upping clarity—save the changes as a Recipe to quickly apply them to your other images. Just tap the circle with an arrow pointing backward at the bottom of the screen to see your past edits and add them as a Recipe.

3. Record a looping video

VSCO makes it easy to record a short looping video—and give it a signature look: From the app’s home screen, tap the +, then the camera icon at the upper right. Swipe over to DSCO and tap and hold the shutter button to record. When you’re done, add one of VSCO’s beautiful analog filters. Tap edit to add text, adjust speed, and more.

4. Get inspired

VSCO’s Discover page (tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen) is an endless source of inspiration. Here you’ll find images created by the VSCO community, curated by themes like Sun and Shade, Solitary, and Wanderlust. Touch and hold an image to give it a star—and see more like it in your feed.

5. Apply an artful border

A bold border can add drama to a photo—especially when it contrasts with the image’s dominant color. Here’s how to apply one: After you’ve taken or opened a photo, tap the edit icon at the bottom, then tap the same icon that appears on the following screen. Swipe through the parameters (Adjust, Exposure, etc.) until you see Borders.

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    Edit with Filters & Effects