Understand Your Body

How period tracking app Cycles empowers its users.

Cycles: Period Tracker

Ovulation & Fertility Tracking


Maybe you want to learn more about the ebb and flow of your energy levels. Maybe you don’t understand why your skin acts differently throughout the month. Maybe you’re trying to conceive. Whatever it is, Cycles Period & Cycle Tracker can help.

It’s a common misconception that period tracking apps only track the start date and duration of your period. Even though they might not be immediately obvious, there are more benefits beyond that.

With a subscription to Cycles’ premium features, the app helps you understand these benefits and, ultimately, your body. That in turn empowers you to start more open conversations about menstrual health and make the right choices for your body.

Cycles’ circular view gives you a quick glance at what you can expect from your menstrual cycle in the coming days.

Start Taking Notes, Start Noticing

Using Cycles to log your discomforts, feelings of hunger, and energy levels on a daily basis can make you more aware of what your body does during different stages of your cycle. Through the app’s guides, you’ll learn about how your body releases specific hormones at different times, which have different effects on your wellbeing.

With a quick glance at the circular layout and actionable insights, you’re on your way to a better understanding of both your body and overall health.

Thanks to actionable insights based on past entries, you’re prepared to make the right choices going forward.

A Support to Conceive…

It could be helpful to gain more knowledge around your cycle if you’re planning to have a baby. Setting up a reminder for when your ovulation phase starts will help you learn about your most fertile time.

Or Simply Plan…

There are many more reasons to track. Cycles lets you send an invite link to your partner, so they can keep track of something as natural as your period, fertility, and PMS details.

Cycles will never share any additional logs or notes with your partner, and through “Sign in with Apple” you can keep your data completely anonymous.

Cycles fully respects your privacy, according to founder Naim Cesur: “We believe in making a good product and charging a fair amount for it. Then privacy and security becomes a big part of that trust between us and our users.”

Whatever your reason for tracking your period, Cycles empowers you to learn about your body and put your health in the right context.

    Cycles: Period Tracker

    Ovulation & Fertility Tracking