Nurture good habits this Eid

These apps will guide you every step of the way.

When one door closes, another one opens. After a long month of fasting and reflection during Ramadan, Eid is a great opportunity to begin your personal journey to an improved you.

Now’s the time to start good habits, and these apps will help you along the way.

Keep your focus

Ding! Someone liked your post. Ding! Mum sent a message. Ding!

According to a University of California Irvine study, it takes 23 minutes on average to concentrate on your task again after a small distraction. 

Try turning off your notifications temporarily with your device’s Do Not Disturb mode, then use a to-do app to list your tasks and gamify your approach to getting things done. 

A pomodoro timer will help you switch between periods of focus and short breaks – soon you’ll start to achieve more during your day in fewer hours and with less effort.

    BFT - Bear Focus Timer

    Pomodoro Method + White Noise


    Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

    Reminders, day planner & habit


    Freedom - Block Distractions

    Focus and be productive.


Be more selective

When it comes to overloading, nothing beats lots of extra cheese on your post-Ramadan pizza 🍕

What’s less fun, is the overload of unfiltered information on social media. The good thing is that #JOMO, the “Joy of Missing Out”, is totally in style now. 

Use these apps to slow down, be more selective about what to consume and where, and get your daily input in small bites.

    Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.

    Save and read news & articles


    Curio: hear great journalism

    Listen. Learn. Grow.


    Ground News

    Compare Multiple News Sources


Live in the moment

Sometimes a good clear-out is really cathartic, so consider rearranging your living space and selling unwanted items through reseller apps. 

A clearer space goes a long way towards a clearer mind; now start thinking about leaving your worries behind and learn how to live in the moment with some of our favourite meditation apps.

    eBay - Buy, sell and save

    Browse brands and find deals


    Ten Percent Happier Meditation

    Find calm, insight, and sleep



    Meditation and Sleep Stories


    Box Breathe

    Keep calm and breathe


Open up to new opportunities

Eid is always a good moment to rethink and reshape your approach to work. Open yourself up to new opportunities, not just in your region but across the globe. 

And if you’ve got any extra time, use it wisely to expand your network and sharpen your skill set.

    LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder

    Connect, Apply & Get Hired


    Fiverr - Freelance Services




    Show and tell for designers


    500px – Photography Community

    Learn skills and share photos