Essential Apps for the Week Ahead

Be more productive

Need a quick way to get a printed table into your Excel spreadsheet? Just snap a picture within Excel on your iPhone or iPad and the app does the rest! In any workbook cell, tap the icon with the blue camera at the bottom of your screen, then snap away.

    Microsoft Excel

    Spreadsheets and Data Analysis


Help kids learn

Sago Mini’s colorful apps have let kids explore everything from airports to zoos. Now, with Sago Mini School, it brings its adorable approach to play-based learning to—where else—the classroom. A free companion app shows what your kids are learning and offers conversation starters to keep little brains engaged. Get an extended 30-day free trial for a limited time.

    Sago Mini School (Kids 3-5)

    Preschool kids learning games.


Watch this

Elle Fanning plays a young Catherine the Great, Russia’s longest-reigning monarch, in Hulu’s new The Great. But this is no stuffy historical drama—the 10-episode series paints a lively, irreverent portrait of the empress. Nicholas Hoult plays Catherine’s oaf of a husband. Premieres May 15.

    Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies

    Watch films and new series


Take a quick game break

I spy something fun: Manor Matters! Uncovering the secrets in this hidden-object hunt takes a sharp eye. Explore the lush grounds of the mysterious Castlewood estate, unlocking rooms and clues to the whereabouts of a legendary treasure. Find cool stuff? Use it to renovate!

    Manor Matters

    Find hidden objects & renovate


Play something deep

Journey is an awe-inspiring wonder and a groundbreaking achievement in collaborative play. Join other online players as you make your way toward a mysterious mountain, skimming over windswept hills and crumbling ruins while piecing together the story of those who came before you—and your connection to them.


    Timeless Classic


Cook this

Whip up a double batch of the base for NYT Cooking’s Quinoa and Rice Bowl With Kale, Kimchi, and Egg and use the tender grains for different “bowl-based” dishes throughout the week. (Or longer: It freezes beautifully.) Have a sweet tooth? Try a breakfast bowl topped with pecans, sliced bananas or pineapple, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

    NYT Cooking

    New York Times Recipes


Learn something new

Need help with your math homework? Or need help helping your kids with their math homework? Photomath can solve pretty much any math problem, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus, and show you step-by-step instructions for the solution. All you have to do is take a photo of the problem. Really, it’s that simple!


    Scan. Solve. Learn.