Green (Game)

Can you solve these colorful conundrums?

green (game)

another puzzle game for you!


The color green symbolizes growth—and you’ll need to expand your thinking to succeed in the challenging puzzler Green (Game).

On each level, manipulate shapes to paint the screen an emerald hue. Toggle switches to fill in a blank background, tap trees in a certain order, or inflate bubbles till they burst on a cactus. Every puzzle is unique!

Moving numbers and bars turns everything a lovely shade of green.

Each level’s corresponding number often figures into its solution. In the 20th puzzle, for instance, you’ll steer verdant squares around the screen, gobbling up a giant white “2” and “0.” Delicious!

Green (Game)’s delightful brainteasers are perfect for bite-size play sessions—and if you run into trouble, a built-in hint system will help you get unstuck. After all, green symbolizes healing too.