A new dimension in wordplay.


Use letters to make words!


Delve into Downwordly to discover an ingenious 3D twist on word-building games: digging! Combine your vocabulary chops and puzzle-solving skills to strip away layers of chunky letter tiles, revealing more hidden beneath. How deep can you go?

What we love: The subtle strategy. Spelling “automobile” for big points is a fine idea—until you realize you’ve run out of vowels and can’t form any more words. Clearing each tier of letters feels like a huge accomplishment.

When removing words, try using letters that block lower layers. You don’t want to get stuck!

Quick tip: Can’t quite make out a letter tucked beneath the current layer? Tilt your device and the tiles will shift a bit. It might be just enough to reveal what lies below.

Meet the creator: Downwordly is the first iOS game from Seattle-based software engineer Brandon Malicoat, who has made apps about learning Japanese writing.