Remotely Send Downloads to Your Mac

Initiate downloads, even if you’re not nearby.


Manage downloads remotely


You’re not always at your Mac when you find a great download. Transloader lets you tell your Mac to download those files, no matter where you are, using your iPhone, iPad, or another Mac. That means no more saving links for later or downloading files to a mobile device to later transfer to your Mac.

What we love: How easy it is to use. Install Transloader on your Mac and it becomes a destination in the Transloader app on any other device signed in to the same Apple ID. Simply share a download link to Transloader on one of those devices (on iOS, for example, by pasting a download link into the iOS Transloader app, or by using the share sheet to send a download link to that app) and the file will download on your Mac.

Transloader can appear in your menu bar for quick access to remotely downloaded files.

Quick tip: Frequently download from a source that requires logging in? The app’s Login Cookies feature lets you securely save login details across devices. On a slow network? Use the Saved Links feature to hold downloads until your Mac is on broadband. You can also customize the app to perform specific actions on saved files—for example, to run a photo-editing Shortcuts automation on any downloaded JPEG image.

Meet the creator: Self-taught Austrian developer Matthias Gansrigler got the idea for Transloader while working at a local Apple retailer: When customers would recommend cool apps at the store, he wanted an easy way to download them to his personal Mac at home.