Tour a Galaxy Far, Far Away

LEGO® Star Wars™: Castaways

Explore and play with friends!


Welcome back to your favorite galaxy. And this time, you’re the star.

In the Apple Arcade action-adventure Lego Star Wars: Castaways, you’ll explore and battle through simulations set in the Star Wars universe. One minute you’re fighting off waves of stormtroopers with friends to protect Hoth’s Echo Base; the next you’re wielding the Force to not-so-gently nudge opponents off ledges in PvP arenas. Thanks to multiple character classes and deep Lego customization, your hero truly feels unique!

For a taste of what’s in store, join us on a guided tour of the Castaways galaxy.

There’s more to do on this social hub than just find your next objective.

The Island

Your first stop in Castaways is the Island, a bustling social hub where you’ll spend quite a bit of time. Access different game worlds, shop for stylish minifigure parts, meet friendly characters, race fellow players in microfighters, and much more. The coolest part? The entire environment—like every level in Castaways—is made entirely of Lego bricks.

“If you were to count the numbers of bricks, the Island is indeed the biggest environment,” says Gameloft creative director Jacques Durand. “Every single brick you see, every Lego plate connects the way it’s supposed to connect in the real world.”

Level up four distinct classes—Trooper, Support, Agent, and Force Adept—each with unique gear and abilities.

Endor Platform

What’s a tour of the original trilogy without a pit stop at Endor? Castaways’ lush Endor Platform takes you right back to one of Star Wars’ great battles, as evidenced by a towering dormant AT-AT. Be sure to pay attention to the background of the level—in one corner, you may see some stormtroopers “practicing” their famously bad aim.

The iconic ship where it all began.

Tantive IV

Simulations might be heavily corrupted, in which case you’ll either stumble upon a surprise boss, run into tons of enemies, or—if you’re lucky—find a holographic re-creation of a famous Star Wars moment. Tantive IV is one such level. Keep an eye out for Princess Leia handing R2-D2 some very important information.

Unlike the historical simulations, the vehicle levels are single-player only.

Death Stars and asteroid fields

You don’t play Castaways only on foot—you can also hop into the cockpit for dizzying starfighter battles. Zip through Death Star I’s trenches in an X-wing, or narrowly dodge space rocks while steering a TIE Fighter through an asteroid field. The higher you level up your pilot class, the more vehicles you’re able to fly. Maybe you’ll get behind the yoke of the Millennium Falcon! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell Han.)

Work together with your team to overcome waves of enemies summoned by the corrupted nodes!

Jabba’s Palace

This isn’t precisely the same valley C-3PO and R2-D2 hobbled along to reach Jabba’s Palace in Star Wars: Episode VI—Return of the Jedi. In Castaways, corruption nodes have wreaked havoc, dragging in enemies from all over the region.

“What’s indigenous to Tatooine? The rancor!” says senior producer Lee Kaburis. “There’s a rancor pit in this level, and it might so happen that one of the nodes you have to eradicate is in there. Good luck!”

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