Who knew pouring sugar was this fun?

sugar (game)

Draw to get sugar in the cups


Don’t eat the sugar! In Sugar (Game), you play with it—guiding falling crystals into cups by drawing walls onscreen. It sounds easy, but this puzzler’s sweet style hides deviously tricky levels.

What we love: The inventive twists. In some levels, toggling gravity steers sugar into upside-down cups; other challenges involve filtering crystals through color-coded gates. Just wait till you have to guide five single crystals into five different cups!

With two cups or four, this sweet stuff is a blast to pour.

Quick tip: The restart button is invaluable when you completely flub a solution, but it’s not the only way to course-correct. By carefully drawing extra lines alongside existing ones, you can often expand or reshape your barriers to direct those precious grains to their destination(s).

Meet the creator: Based in Belgium, prolific indie developer Bart Bonte specializes in single-theme puzzle games like Pink (Game), Boo!, and What’s Inside the Box?