Meet Four Fats

The team behind Blackmoor 2 and Maximus 2.

Joystick controls and boss fights—the arcade experience is recreated for a new generation by Hong Kong developer Four Fats. Growing up in Hong Kong in the ’80s and ’90s, core team members Kwok, Simon, and Jonathan were heavily influenced by Japanese and American pop culture. Now, they create brilliantly off-beat games with a distinctly retro vibe.

What They’re Known for

Cartoonish graphics, thick lines, and side-scrolling brawls are the hallmarks of Four Fats’ well-loved titles, such as Blackmoor 2 and Maximus 2. The team believes that games should be enjoyed together, so all their titles support controllers and multiplayer modes to ensure friends can have a fun experience.

Behind the Scenes

The name Four Fats comes from a 4 Seats sign spotted on a bus in London, where the S was erased and the E faded to an F. The team found it hilarious, and their name came to be. This bit of lore is referenced in the train scene in the second chapter of Maximus 2.

Player feedback and engagement means a lot to the team. For example, the character Raven’s ending in Blackmoor 2 was inspired by a piece of fan art.

There are hidden bosses in Blackmoor 2’s dark mode—you have to get creative to unlock them. Hint: Try beating the final boss without any gear or boosts. The team revealed that some players managed to unlock every secret character in just three weeks.

On occasion, the team members would hide Easter eggs related to their personal lives. In Blackmoor, for example, the one-eyed giant wearing a diaper cries out when they’re knocked down, and their voice was supplied by Kwok’s newborn baby.

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