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The APP is used to set and control Active Sound Modules and electric exhaust flaps via Bluetooth for Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH products. Exhaust flaps can be opened and closed by the APP whenever desired.

It’s possible to create a synthetic motor or exhaust sound with the Eisenmann Active Sound Module. Your vehicle’s engine parameters are converted into frequencies by a control unit especially designed for this purpose; and in turn these frequencies are reproduced by a so-called actuator. Similar to a stereo system or an iPod. These modules can be used with diesel and petrol vehicles or electrical vehicles as well.

What can you adjust?

It’s possible for the user to individually adjust the volume and various sound profiles of the Eisenmann Active Sound Module.
Decide for yourself how loud or dynamic your Eisenmann System should sound.
Whether parked or on the street, you decide how it sounds.
The settings you choose with the APP are saved by the Active Sound Module’s control unit so that your desired sound remains in the settings after each start up.

Demo mode

In demo mode it’s possible to make a gas thrust by swiping with your finger on the display or your smart phone, without the car being turned on.

Sound design by Eisenmann App

- The end of everything sounding the same
- You become the sound designer
- Decide for yourself how loud or dynamic your Eisenmann System should sound
- Whether parked or on the street, you decide

Diagnosis function

In addition, the APP has a diagnosis function with which various parameters can be tested after installation in order to determine if all parts were correctly connected.

System requirements for using the APP

The smartphone must be equipped with at least Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0. Apple users must have at least an iPhone 4S. In addition, the vehicle must have an OBD-2 socket (diagnostic connector).

This APP is exclusively for controlling exhaust flaps or Active Sound Modules by Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH and can not be used for other brands or products. Not all Eisenmann Active Sound Systems or sports exhaust systems with clap control have an automatic APP-Function. Find out before buying whether the product of your choice is available with an APP function. Because the APP function is hardware dependent, it can be readily upgraded for older product versions.

Do you have suggestions for improvements or further development of the APP?
We will be glad to take your suggestions.
Contact us at and let us know your opinion about the Eisenmann Active Sound Module.

Responsible for text and pictures: Eisenmann Exhaust GmbH
Responsible for App-Design: Haydeyan


Versión 1.4

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

small HMI improvement

Privacidad de la app

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