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Learn the friends of ten in three fun math games. Loved by teachers and students.

The idea of the games is to make mathematics more accessible and enjoyable, so that a basic knowledge in mathematics can be achieved in a fun way. By automating counting to the highest extent possible, it will be easier for a child to understand mathematics even later in life. When using their Friends of 10, they will use number bonds that will form the sum of ten (or other bonds), which is essential to continuing the development of their mathematical thinking. In this way, they will eventually be able to solve more difficult problems. With the games, the Friends of 10 are consolidated naturally.

In this app you can play with more sums than just the sum of 10. You can choose from easier sums like 10, 100, 1000 or more advanced sums like 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 75. This makes the app more fun and useful for both younger and older children.

BRICK TEN – 1 to 4 players
Every player has a game board with nine squares, numbered from one to nine. The number should be placed in each square of the game board by picking a card from the top of the deck in the middle. Some of the cards are special and can help or make it harder for the player.

PYRAMID OF 10 – solitaire for one player
On the game board is a pyramid made of cards stacked on each other. The computer randomly produced one card at a time in a pile. The player must match a free card in the pyramid with its number friend in either the pyramid or the pile on the table. Drag the number to the card in the pyramid. If the card that is taken does not fit with a free card in the pyramid, then the player throws it to the Trashcan Monster. The game ends when all the cards are matched with its friend and the entire pyramid has disappeared from the table.

STRESS 10 - Past paced game for one or two players
A fast paced flash card based game. Play against the clock or a friend.

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Play the Pyramid with any number you want.

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