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iPhone General Invoicing provides inventory management and accounting management, suitable for procurement staff sales staff and finance staff used in conjunction
Purchase sales management for a variety of cosmetics such as retail footwear Building Hardware IT digital electronic medical equipment, food and medicine is powerful, easy to operate.
Support the full range of iPhone iPad, a purchase lifetime free updates,
Available online can also be used offline, stand-alone and network version combined,
For more details, please pay attention to the official website
Standalone: ​​The data stored on your phone, you can choose transmitted to the server
1 Enter the product category name inventory management Barcode Qty Price units and other information.
2 barcode scanning automatically displays the name and price information, scan query commodities, direct sales.
  Equivalent to a single PC plus scanner
3 sales sales management can scan automatically, or you can manually enter information marketing, sales, after sales of goods can be selected print sales details
4 inventory management can review each product inventory quantities and storage locations and inventory of each store
  Stock list from small to large, those who need to purchase one to see that.
5 color size classification based data management provider customers employees
6 customer and supplier management, automatic calculation accounts and arrears due from Statistics
7 blotters in accordance with the classification and user records revenues and supported, hands and monthly statistics and expenditures
8 In the blotters which can also record each employee monthly salary disbursement
9 monthly statistical annual daily sales and purchase returns, and calculate the total monthly profit
10 can be used together many stores multisectoral can set user privileges. Everyone comes in different permissions.
     Some people responsible for purchasing a wicked person responsible for sales of some of the persons responsible for financial and so on.
    Suitable chain use, but also for personal use.
11 available for offline use, such as connecting to the network and then synchronize the data to the server.
12 online after landing fact each step of the operation is synchronized to the server.
13 A key recovery data, a key backup data
14 records marked with a red arrears repayment can be modified Paid or pocket.
   You can add a Web site purchases and sales data, and then downloaded to the phone, you can also phone offline data
Spread sites, simultaneous use
Provide support for other platforms of the client, to understanding.
This is supported by one of the largest client Invoicing. And these can be done between the client and data sharing.

when the staff go out sell product or purchase some product or visit costomer ,we need to record he location ,so the boss know when and where he go.
GPS line record

In-app purchase: purchase data services
-Length: 1 week-price subscription: $ 1
-Duration: 1 month-price subscription: $ 4
-Length: 6month subscription-price: $ 24
-Length: 1 year-subscription price: $ 48

-Payment will confirm your purchase recharge to your iTunes account
-Subscription does not automatically renew, unless automatic updates are turned off before the end of the current period of at least 24 hours to renew

GPS running in the background loss to some extent battery

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

video in youku if you in china please see this link
video in youtube is you in usa see this link

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Versión 6.25

fix for iOS 13

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