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Please note: Mobile Encryption App (MECrypt) is a product designed for business customers. The app is only a front-end tool and needs the Mobile Encryption App service provided by T-Systems International GmbH.

MECrypt is only useable with a valid business contract entered with T-Systems International GmbH.

Important: Please download the app only if you are administrator or you are an user of the service already and asked to download the app by an invitation email.
The MECrypt enables bug proofed, encrypted calls and text messaging between two smart phones using MECrypt app service
MECrypt needs an internet connection via mobile radio or WiFi.

The use via mobile radio requires a contract with a mobile carrier (including a data rate plan and a Voice-over-IP option (VoIP). Both options may lead to additional monthly costs.)

What are the benefits of MECrypt?

- Works even with limited network performance i.e. GPRS, Edge
- Safe container solution for confidential information i.e. contacts, text messages
- Redundant encryption with two strong and parallel working algorithms, no preinstalled keys
- Mobile security and service made in Germany by Deutsche Telekom AG

How does the end-to-end encryption between two MECrypt users work?
At the beginning of every call, a new session key will be generated between the apps. MECrypt has no preinstalled keys and needed keys will be created in the hand of the user. The key will be deleted immediately after the call has been terminated by the user. This avoids Man-in-the-middle attacks*, which can happened by using open keys.
(*Man-in-the-middle-attacker makes the victims believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private connection, when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker).
MECrypt also hides confidential information about connections in order to save them from unauthorized access.
In addition to bug proofed, encrypted calls and text messaging, MECrypt offers a secure and encrypted storage for contacts, call history, notes and messages.
The encryption in a nutshell: 4096 bit Diffie Hellman- key exchange, redundant encryption with two strong parallel working algorithms (AES256 and Twofish, both 256 bit), no preinstalled keys, protection from Man-in-the-middle attacks.Die Mobile Encryption App ist ein Angebot ausschließlich für Geschäftskunden


Versión 1.7

Improvement in handling contact access in conference, deleting full threads in messaging, bug fixing and minor UI update.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador (T-Systems International GmbH) no ofreció detalles sobre sus prácticas de privacidad y el envío de datos a Apple. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

No se proporcionaron detalles

El desarrollador tendrá que proporcionar detalles sobre la privacidad cuando envíe su próxima actualización de app.


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