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* Experience the completely new Naver Map.
[Key features]
- Menu tab for Map home
Quickly access and use Nearby, Bookmark, Transit, Navigation and the MY tab from the home screen.

- Simplified search
Search locations, buses, subway, and more in a comprehensive search bar.

- Nearby (SmartAround)
Check restaurants and places to visit in your surroundings provided by NAVER's user data.

- Navigation
Fast and accurate navigation with real-time traffic info and optimized usability for any driving condition.

- Vector map
360 degrees rotation-enabled vector map with 3D view of key landmarks via tilting.

- Public transit time calculator
Set your departure date and time to view the best route and arrival time.

- Street view
Seamless street and aerial views provided for location search and route planning.

- Bookmark
Easily save your best restaurants and must-visit tourist spots on Naver Map and share them with others.

- Instant search
View useful info about your query, such as opening/closing times for supermarkets while you search.

- Language
Korean/English/Japanese/Chinese maps and English navigation provided.

*Requires iOS 14.0 or later
*Find out more tips on how to use Naver Map
- Naver Map customer service:
- Naver Map blog:
- Email:
- Tel: 1588-3820
- Address: 6, Buljeong-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea


เวอร์ชัน 5.21.8

* Search
- Improved a feature so that nearby address(up to 3) are displayed when no results are found for a specific location
* Navigation
- Improved location's accuracy of wrong directions near starting points
* App stability and bug fixes


3.1 จาก 5
32 รายการจัดอันดับ

32 รายการจัดอันดับ

Puizeed ,

GPS is not work

I went to Korea in October and try to use the app. I can search the place i want to go. The app provides transportation but the gps did not navigate me while i was on the way. I did not know where i was exactly. I did open my iphone’s service location, re-installed the app but it was not work.

aaasbdjdjdnfndmdm ,

Can’t open the photos on any review on the map

when i try to open the photos on naver map it is not show the photos it’s always show the map and i have to force quite the application to continues use the app

ความคิดเห็นของนักพัฒนา ,

안녕하세요. 네이버 지도 서비스입니다.
먼저, 서비스 이용에 불편 드려 죄송합니다.
다만, 말씀하신 내용만으로는 정확한 확인이 어렵습니다.
오류 현상이 재현되는 과정 및 캡처화면 이미지를 고객센터로 전달주시면 확인하겠습니다.
[※ 고객센터 접수 방법]
1) 네이버 접속 후 '네이버 고객센터 ' 검색
2) 고객센터 접속 후 메인 검색 창에 ' 지도 오류 신고' 검색
3) [지도 서비스 기타오류 신고] 도움말 선택하여 접수

yoyo_ohlala ,

cannot see review picture

the app always close when i try to see review picture.

ความคิดเห็นของนักพัฒนา ,

안녕하세요. 네이버 지도 서비스입니다.
먼저, 서비스 이용에 불편 드려 죄송합니다.
다만, 해당 내용만으로는 정확한 문제 발생 확인이 어려워 구체적인 정보를 전달주시면 문제 해결에 도움이 될 것 같습니다.
기기 종류, 사양, 앱 삭제 및 재설치 여부를 포함하여 상세한 내용을 고객센터로 전달주시면 검토하도록 하겠습니다.
[※ 고객센터 접수 방법]
1) 네이버 접속 후 '네이버 고객센터 ' 검색
2) 고객센터 접속 후 메인 검색 창에 ' 지도 오류 신고' 검색
3) [지도 서비스 기타오류 신고] 도움말 선택하여 접수.


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