Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed


You know those days when you feel a bit tired, a bit sluggish, when nothing goes your way and you’re stressed? Those are the days you should transform yourself into a valiant hero who crushes enemies in the wuxia action game Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed.

Pull your two thumbs up, blow gently on them and you’re ready to dive into the fray of the game’s massive battlefields (complete with familiar heroes from the Three Kingdoms); try some back-kick spinning, crushing and striking in your charge to victory.

Say hello to the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, each armed with unique tactics.

The game’s characters are an eclectic bunch: Diaochan exhibits dance-like movements that kill enemies, Zhang Fei has a merciless attack and dozens of other heroes from the Three Kingdoms await in the queue for their moment in the spotlight. And once the ferocious battle commences, two surprises await you.

First, it’s the overwhelming number of enemies popping up – you’ll be both terrified and in awe. The second surprise comes when you fight back. Swing your steel spear and watch sparks fly off your enemies as they tumble backwards like bowling pins.

But this battle won’t be over until you can establish your dominance over the enemy general. Be prepared to execute lethal moves as the enemy general makes an exaggerated entrance onto the field. Hit your enemies where it hurts; even in the maelstrom of the battlefield, your hero is more than capable of attacking in the desired direction.

The game features the Battle of Hu Lao Gate (aka the Tiger Trap Pass), the Great Battle of Guandu and even the famous Battle of Red Cliffs. And Dynasty Warriors brings the Three Kingdoms to life true to form with an epic, atmospheric soundtrack that takes you back to the battlefield to become the hero who conquered the kingdoms.

Make sure you do your warm-up because unleashing your inner warrior takes nerves of steel and fearless bravery. You won’t even remember that bad day once you cross the battle line.

    Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed