Harvest Moon: Light of Hope


Tired of stomping on enemies or blasting them with lasers? Try planting a tree or two.

Having calmed gamers with its gentle gameplay for over two decades, farming simulator Harvest Moon continues to blossom with this latest relaxing release, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

A clean cow is a happy cow. Get scrubbing!

When a day at sea goes awry, you find yourself washed up on the quaint shores of Beacon Town. Unfortunately, it's in trouble. A massive storm chased away most residents – and worse, their cherished lighthouse no longer works. You decide to stay and help, taking over an abandoned farm.

Harvest Moon’s classic 8-bit aesthetic has been given a facelift. The characters are now 3D and really come to life. You’re also given much more guidance at the start of the game, so you won’t get lost in the weeds.

Partake in special events, like the Dog Racing Festival.

There are plenty of those, of course, since you’re taking over an old farm. To fix it up, you’ll have to clear the land and plant crops, starting with a tiny cabbage garden. As your farm improves, you’ll eventually be able to raise livestock, get better equipment and begin repairing the lighthouse, bringing Beacon Town back to life.

There’s more to do in Light of Hope than simply farm. You can meet new friends, get married and start a family. A rainy day means you don’t have to water crops – the perfect excuse for an explorative adventure around the town’s outskirts. However you choose to play, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope’s comforting, laid-back vibe will grow on you.

    Harvest Moon: Light of Hope