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The world moves fast. But with slow-motion video, you can capture the moments that flash by – whether that’s a memory worth treasuring, a sporting triumph that needs reliving or a slip up that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Want to give more cinematic flair to the slo-mo video you capture with the Camera app? Follow these tips to enhance your output.

Find your frame

‣ When filming an action shot, it’s better to let the action come to you. In this video, we waited for our subject to enter and exit the frame – which gives the clip a clear beginning and end. It also helped us stabilise the footage.

Also be sure to experiment with your angles. Here, we went super-low with pleasing results.

Track it

‣ Slo-mo video can make the shakes and bumps from handheld footage a lot less noticeable. We filmed the clip above while gently rolling on a skateboard – a simple form of the Hollywood “dolly shot.” Here’s a technique to ensure steadier shots: hold your iPhone with both hands and keep your elbows pressed into your sides for stability.

Expert tip: to pan with less shake, pivot from your hips.

Zero in on the action

‣ By default, your slo-mo video will start playing back at normal speed, slow down in the middle, then return to normal speed again. But to focus on the most dramatic moment, you’ll want to set those transition points manually.

To do so, edit your video and look for the line of white tick marks. Dragging the taller tick marks to the left or right will adjust the playback speed.

Give it some colour

VSCO is one of the most popular photo filtering apps around, so you may already be with its arty filters (called presets) for still images. But did you know they also work with slo-mo videos? Here, we applied AU1, which emulates Agfa Ultra 100 film.

In addition to giving your videos their own unique look, VSCO also lets you experiment with the Strength, Character and Warmth sliders – but keep changes subtle to avoid distracting from the action on hand.

Spend time to fine tune your frames and voilà, a colour-graded slo-mo video that’s ready for the big screen.

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    Creative Tools & Video Stories