Meat-free (games for vegetarians)

Some are bitter, some are sweet, others are dry or juicy. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, variety levels are off the scales. And these fresh and yummy veggie games are packed with as many vitamins and as much energy and joy as the edible kind. Take a bite!

Seed and sow

What’s the best place to cultivate fresh greens? Let’s visit a farm in Dr. Panda Veggie Garden, a game that teaches your kids how to plant fruits and veggies for their friendly animal customers. Once you’re done sowing the seeds, help iconic characters Pisuke and Usagi extract turnips in Giant Turnip Game: A Voyage Of Vegetable Extraction! or level up your chloro-feel(ings) with Farm Heroes Super Saga.

    Dr. Panda Veggie Garden

    Learn how veggies grow!


    Farm Heroes Super Saga

    A croptastic matching puzzle!


    Giant Turnip Game: A Voyage Of Vegetable Extraction!



Above the surface

Not all vegetables have to grow in soil or hydroponic rail. Some even turn out perfectly crisp when you cultivate them up above in the cosmos. Hop on a rocket and head to your space farm in Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space? where turn-based battles keep your garden alive, hopefully.

    Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?

    Explore space with cute spuds!


In your kitchen

Now that you’ve done all the prep work and your fresh fruits and veggies are waiting for you in the fridge, it’s time to cook up something scrummy! Carefully direct the food to the cutting board in Silly Walks, halve the fruits with your knife in Fruit Ninja® and add a tasty dressing to the veggies in My Salad Bar. If you’re on a cheat day, you could whip some pancakes and top them with fruit in Pancake - The Game or bask in well-deserved cookie-time bliss with Cookie Wars.

    Silly Walks

    Such a Silly little game!


    Fruit Ninja®

    Slice up a juicy storm!


    My Salad Bar

    Vegetarian Restaurant Game


    Pancake – The Game



    Cookie Wars™

    The battle of Cookies begins!



The sound of your tummy growling is quite understandable after all that food talk! Best to turn away from digital ve-joy-tables for a moment and focus on real dishes. With HappyCow Find Vegan Food you’ll make both cows and your hungry belly very happy; use it to find loads of vegan-friendly restaurants close by. Or cook up a banquet all on your own with the help of these delicious cooking apps.

    HappyCow Find Vegan Food

    Find vegan options worldwide!


    Green Kitchen

    Healthy vegetarian recipes


    Deliciously Vegan Recipes

    Cookbook by Anett Velsberg