Office survival: cope with fury through fun

From cruel bosses to conniving co-workers, the workplace can be hostile territory. Is there a healthy way of dealing with office stress short of taking lunchtime yoga classes (or slugging a punching bag)? We’ve picked out some games that can help turn all that rage and stress into relaxation and serenity. Plus, they’re accessible from your cubicle and a great deal of fun.

Takin’ care of business

Tired of life as a desk drone? Then leave the hive and join the flock. In Goat Simulator, you ditch the pen pushing for hysterical heists and mammalian mayhem. It’s the pure, vicarious joy of unaccountability, so turn off your brain and start wreaking havoc. You’re sure to find that happy place.

    Goat Simulator



Rage against the (fax) machine

Plenty of action games let us vent, but none quite like Smash the Office, where you’re a disgruntled employee who finally snaps and starts breaking stuff. Each round gives you 60 sweet seconds to destroy desktops, bash monitors and unleash anarchy on every square inch of office space. Collect coins to upgrade your arsenal, find mushrooms to boost your destructive power, and unlock new offices to obliterate. Time to put in some overtime!

    Smash the Office

    Instant Stress Relief!


Boss burnout

Still sore from the last time your manager chewed you out? Before reaching for that boss-shaped voodoo doll, try Beat the Boss 4 – it may be the next best thing.

Safely unleash your unbridled anger on hundreds of custom-crafted bosses using an arsenal of weapons. Go ahead and turn that cold-hearted manager into a snowman, or just hit ’em with pencils and other office supplies. The therapeutic benefits are immeasurable.

    Beat the Boss 4



We can’t always wait for HR to resolve conflicts, so try to first destress through these awesome games. Both your sanity and co-workers will thank you.