Group Video Chat


If an early 2000s chatroom grew up, got a design job at a startup, then dropped everything to travel the world with pals, it’d come back looking like social video app Houseparty.

Instead, Houseparty is all about simple, engaging video chats. You start the app, invite your friends, your friends invite some friends, and before you know it you’re talking to a room full of people.

Some of Houseparty‘s charm comes from its comically unhelpful tips, like “The stickers on fruit are edible.” Beyond that? Well, here’s a few sort of secret (non-edible) features to help you really unlock Houseparty‘s potential.

Better than a bouncer

To create an exclusive room, tap the padlock icon on the bottom left. You can add anyone you like to the room, but uninvited guests are locked out.

Do a pull-up

To find a list of your online friends, swipe up from anywhere on the screen. That’ll reveal your contacts list – and give you an opportunity to invite them to the app.

Ready to chat with some friends?

Notice the little things

To find your settings, tap the tiny cup on the top left, then the red gear icon. This is where you can edit your profile, add a photo, and lock every room you’re in (so you can avoid unwanted visitors when you’re having a serious chat). It even works when you’re alone – which gives you some time to fix your hair before chatting with everyone.

A hidden power

On an iPhone, use 3D Touch to trigger what Houseparty calls “a power move”: Press a Houseparty notification, app icon, or widget to open the app without notifying anyone else. “Sneaking into the house” is a great way to surprise your friends – or just save them a push notification.

Besides that? We only have one piece of advice: get comfortable. This party’s just getting started.


    Group Video Chat