Snap yourself from a distance

3, 2, 1, snap! When you’re on a solo trip, asking someone to take photos of you with that stunning vista in the background can be awkward and sometimes the pics don’t turn out how you want them to. Your Apple Watch and one of these camera apps is all you need to remotely preview your pic and take photos at exactly the right moment.

Start by setting your iPhone or iPad steady at a distance, preferably on a tripod. Then launch one of the photo apps below and open the companion app on your Apple Watch. Back at your photo-op spot, you can preview the image remotely and then trigger the shutter from your wrist.

If you’re taking a group photo, same deal. While sitting or standing among the group, using your Apple Watch as a viewfinder, get everyone ready to strike a pose, preview the frame on your Apple Watch and tap the screen to take the shot. Remember to take some candid ones for some good laughs afterwards.

If the companion app also happens to have a timer, you can set it as you pose and your photo won’t have you in it tapping on your watch!

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