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Anavasi mapp is an easy-to-use offline map viewer for all Anavasi hiking and touring maps.

• Anavasi mapp uses your device's built-in GPS to locate you even when you are out of range of a network or internet connection.

• Find your location directly on the map, by pressing the button on the bottom right.

• You can enter your own points with a description or a photo.

• Proposed routes appear on the map with a color corresponding to the degree of difficulty: easy, intermediate, demanding and very difficult trails are colour-coded as green, blue, red and black respectively.
The level of difficulty is influenced by factors like elevation changes, length, type of terrain.

• In case of emergency, there is a button that automatically creates an SMS with the coordinates of your location.

• The maps are available as in-app purchases through a built-in store.
The names and coverage of the digital maps correspond to the printed Anavasi maps.
The digital maps are a supplement to the printed ones and do not substitute them.

Anavasi mapp mobile application and the Anavasi maps it uses are created with the highest degree of accuracy possible. However, Anavasi editions cannot be held responsible for any damages due to errors or omissions.

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