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Yuki Kubota

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This app can wake you up without disturbing other people!


■ When sleeping at a Share-Room in the morning, this application can wake you up without disturbing others.

■ This application also makes you a great nap time in your office without finding out you're in a dream.

■ You think you can't use an alarm in an airplane? This application make it possibles!

■ Even in your home, you can set an alarm without waking up your children or your family.


Have you ever tried to change the volume on your iPhone, saying "lower is too low, and higher is too high"?
This app has a function to adjust the volume in 100 steps.
Please tap the speaker icon on the left and right of the top screen and playback screen.

■ This application has a function of working in the background, so you can use it while using other applications and in a sleep mode.

■ You can use it with music.
(Pushing a start button, music will stop, but it's normal. Again start music, it can be used while hearing music.)

■ You can change the volume of the alarm and a sleep Music.

■ You can choose a Sleep Music.

■ You can also use this app without earphones.

* If you have any features you wish to add, please write them down in the review column.

ما الجديد

الإصدار 2.2.1

・Bug fix
・Important notice added.

This "Earphone Alarm" will soon be unavailable.
Please download the upgraded version of "Headphone Alarm" and use it.
It is also free.

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