Archero’s most potent power-ups

Keep your aim true and the arrows flying with these tips.


Hit and Run, Win Win Win!


Archero is all about self-improvement. After each short, intense level, you get to upgrade your hardy archer with new gear and abilities. And you’ll need them – this game is tough.

If you’re routinely being beaten – whether by the Lost Castle or the Barrens of Shadow – chances are you’re not opting for the right combination of power-ups. Try these ability pairings to push past your personal best.

Ricochet + Multishot

Acquiring Ricochet early on is a true gift. This powerful upgrade bounces arrows between enemies, so just fire into a crowd and watch your foes fall.

Multishot adds an extra projectile every time you attack, so you’re essentially doubling your firing rate. Pair these two and the ensuing arrow storm will render monsters helpless!

Piercing Shot + Bouncy Wall

Piercing Shot and Bouncy Wall will send arrows zipping around the level itself, essentially recycling your attacks. 

To make this combo even more effective, pick every upgrade that adds more arrows to your assaults, like Rear Arrow, Side Arrows and Diagonal Arrows. You’ll take down beasts in every direction.


Health upgrades are rarely as useful as they sound, but nab Bloodthirst if you see it pop up. This restores part of your life bar every time you kill a monster – and with dozens of arrows flying around, you’ll typically max out your health after every room.

Bloodthirst won’t help if you’re always perishing after a few hits, however. So take the time to level up your archer, assemble strong gear and choose permanent upgrades in your Talents menu.


    Hit and Run, Win Win Win!