Win at #Sunsets

Tips for beautifully photographing the horizon at dusk.

Sunset photos can be tricky. You never know when you’ll stumble upon a stunning scene, but thankfully a lot of the magic can happen after you take the shot. And with some forethought and the right app, you can take your pics to another level. Here’s how.

Make it “pop” with post-edits

Although making manual adjustments to your images using a photo editor can be intimidating, a sunset is a forgiving way to experiment with them. Snapseed offers robust manual controls without a steep learning curve.

To access them, tap the Tools section, followed by Tune Image. Swipe up on your photo and keep your finger on the screen until a menu of different parameters appears.

Scroll to the setting you want to adjust, then lift your finger to select it. To make tweaks, simply swipe left or right anywhere on your photo.

A few manual adjustments using Snapseed helped bring forth the dramatic colours of this image.

With sunset photos, try decreasing Brightness and increasing Contrast. This will likely highlight the horizon. Then crank up the saturation to deepen the reds, oranges, and other hues.




Find a fitting filter

Photo filters are an easy way to up your sunset game. For a wealth of artistic options, try VSCO. Its offerings can transform even the most ordinary scene. Start with those in the C series, which shifts colours dramatically.

In the image below, VSCO’s C9 filter turns the power lines into a graphic element, while highlighting the subtle hues of the horizon.

VSCO’s C9 filter in action.

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Get creative with capture

You can also work wonders with a bit of advance planning.

Use a tripod while capturing motion blur to stabilise non-moving aspects of your image.

To create the photo above, we used Slow Shutter Cam’s Motion Blur capture mode to give the water an almost ethereal feel. A tripod helped us keep the sky and clouds in focus.

To access this, tap the gear icon on the lower left, then select Motion Blur.

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