Your virtual guitar teacher

Go from beginner to rock star 🤘

Whether you’re an aspiring guitarist or the best you can do is air guitar, these apps can help you on the way to becoming the next Hendrix. Or at least minimise complaints from your neighbours when you’re practising.

Tune your instrument

GuitarTuna can help you calibrate your guitar’s sound with clear visual feedback. It’s simple – play a chord and watch to see whether or not the note is too sharp or flat. GuitarTuna can also tell you how much you need to tighten or loosen each string.

    GuitarTuna: Guitar, Bass tuner

    Tuner for Guitar, Bass,Ukulele


Beat it

Pro Metronome is, of course, a metronome, but it also offers basic rhythm tips and the ability to customise the accents of each beat in a song. You can even visualise the beat to see how the rhythm changes.

    Pro Metronome - Tempo,Beat,Subdivision,Polyrhythm



Play your favourite song

Guitar Pro’s best feature shows you the sheet music for your favourite tune, plus the corresponding notes on the virtual strings. You can slow it all down to get complex parts right and then play it back sped up, turning difficult notes and bar lines into melodies.

In addition, the Notepad feature lets users record their own melodies. This might be the start of your chart-conquering album! Or at least the genesis of a new pub band.

    Guitar Pro

    Tablature & Sheet Music Player