High fidelity Synthesizer designed for generating Binaural beats and exploring alternate scales.

[Tone Generation]. (additive & precise)

Lowercase indicates an additive oscillator:
This method of waveform production allowed for a softer sound on the high end while maintaining the distinctive feel of these classic waveforms.

- [saw]
The additive sawtooth wave is generated by adding all the overtones one through 17.

Additive square wave is Generated by adding all the odd overtones 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 & 17.

These two additive oscillators sound a bit smoother on the high end without the near infinite overtones of their precise counterparts.

Uppercase indicates a precise oscillator:

f(x)= x - floor(x)

f(x)= absolute value of [SAW]

f(x)= x < 0.0f ? -1.0f : 1.0f

The precise form is calculated according to the mathematics of their respective equations.
The precise SAW in particular is a bit richer when under the low pass filter. Try All SAW waves with some detune for the classic supersaw effect!

[Binaural Beats]

The Binaural Slider to the left of the oscilloscope and will offset the right speaker by the amount of HZ listed above it.

This enables the generation and experimentation of binaural beats for scientific and recreational purposes.

7 Currently Available Temperaments:

[12 tone Equal Temperament]
Standard Tuning with A at 440 hz

[5 Tone Harmonic]
Just Intonated Major Pentatonic scale

[7 Tone Harmonic]
Just Intonated Arabic double harmonic minor scale

[12 tone Just Intonated ]
The twelve tones western listeners are normally familiar with pitched by just ratios and based off a selectable root note.

[17 Tone Arabic]
Arabic Scale Quarter tone Scale, typically 7 are chosen from this set for a modal piece

[22 Shruti Indian]
Much like the Arabic scale often a subset of notes is chosen for a piece.

[43 Tone Parch]
Harry Parch was a pioneer in microtonal music and an avid instrument maker. This temperament with a Root note of G and Root Frequency of 392 hz allows parch fans to compose for the chromelodeon on the go.

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What’s New

Version 4.6.0

Improve Stability.
All tests pass in Pluginval & Auvaltool


Paul Wand
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OS X 10.11 or later. Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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