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Introducing Bouncer, the private SMS Blocker and your ultimate solution to reclaim control over your text messaging experience. Say goodbye to spam, unwanted advertisements, and promotions with this powerful, user-friendly app designed to protect your privacy.

Privacy Protection: 
Bouncer keeps your messages secure by processing and filtering them on your phone, ensuring your private information stays private.

Junk Filter: 
Bouncer detects and blocks spam messages based on the filters you define, saving you time and frustration. Enjoy a clutter-free inbox with just a tap!

Customizable Blocking: 
Easily set your own rules to block specific keywords, phrases, or numbers. Stay in control and eliminate unwanted distractions from your messaging experience.

Mute Notifications: 
Junk messages are automatically silenced, providing you with peace of mind.

Seamless Integration: 
Bouncer works effortlessly with the Messages app. There's no need to switch apps or change your habits – just install, set up, and enjoy!

Open Source:
Bouncer is 100% open source. Feel free to check out the code in Github at


Sürüm 2.4.0

Warp-Speed Imports:
Engage! We've eradicated those pesky import errors with our advanced warp-speed technology. Now, effortlessly import filters from iCloud like a starship soaring through the galaxy, ensuring a smoother and more interstellar experience.

Quantum Stability Shields:
No more system failures or glitches! We've reinforced our filters with state-of-the-art quantum stability shields, ensuring a seamless and crash-free journey. Say goodbye to anomalies when adding Regex filters and enjoy a harmonious and glitch-free experience throughout your mission.

Categories Nebula:
Boldly organize your SMS messages like never before! Traverse through the vastness of your inbox and classify messages into up to five categories. Whether it's promotions, orders, or transactions, our Categories Nebula feature will help you navigate the stars of communication with ease.

Priority Override Protocol:
Assert your command over crucial messages! Activate the Priority Override Protocol to ensure vital communications always reach you. By adding them to the allowed list, you become the captain of your inbox, guaranteeing that important messages are delivered with pinpoint accuracy, just like a Starfleet captain leading their crew to success.

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