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The compass that guides you to every place on earth
No internet connection needed
Small download size

Not everybody needs a big navigation system
Not everybody wants a dominant voice to keep him on track

But …

… if you exit a pub after one pint too much
… if you are riding your mountain bike aside of the roads
… if you are walking through nature
… if you are on a lake or on the sea without nautic high tech
… if you are on your camel in the desert

… then sometimes you need someone to point to the right direction

The good news:

That´s exactly what »BringMeHome« does. Just store your favorite places in the waypoint list and you always know which direction you have to take.

And even better:

You don´t have to take your iPhone out of your pocket. Just turn your wrist and your Apple watch points to the right direction.

There are many other features. And I´m sure you don´t want to read all my boring stuff and examples and … OK, OK, I stop here. So let me give you a brief overview

… shows the direction to any destination in the world
… Pick any place worldwide from a map or search addresses or points of interest or landmarks
… displays the distance in m and km as well as in feet and miles and nautic miles (nm)
… displays the speed in km/h mph and nautic knots
… displays time and average speed in total AND in motion
… Share your position on facebook and twitter or by iMessage with other BringMeHome users, who can automatically navigate to you by tapping the message-link
… All information is available on the iPhone as well as on the Apple watch and the iPad
… Distance to the destination, the direction and the speed are also shown in the TODAY screen that you can access without unlocking your phone

OK, there might be some more stuff … but I "keep the ball flat" (a german figure of speech, which means I dont want to tell you more than you want to know)

Happy BringMeHome-ing

# Differences of the Full version

The free version contains all functionality of the full version, but …
… only the first two last waypoints can be used for navigation
… only the first 5 search results can be used for navigation
… only the topmost 5 Point of Interest (POI) results can be used for navigation

… and of course …

… in the full version there are no ads ;-)


Sürüm 1.3

This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate.

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