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Get in the driver seat of your next adventure with Eligo!
Eligo is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform that allows renters to book a locally-owned car on their own convenience. The process is so much easier and much more economical than going through a rental car company; all the while creating an income opportunity for the car owner.

1. Ready: Browse through our selection of locally-owned and well-maintained cars; whether you're looking for an electric, luxury or exotic car you'll love our selection!

2. Set: Set the dates and decide on the location for pick up- it's all up to you! Renters can even have the car delivered to them. You will appreciate the car show up to your airport gate exit instead of having to deal with car rental lots and kiosks. You can also message the owner on the app and ask questions about the car or make further plans.

3. Eligo: Enjoy your ride! Drive confidently knowing that you are covered under Eligo's $2M insurance policy. When it's time to return the car you will meet the owner back at the pre-determined drop off location. All the payments are handled online.

Looking for a way to make extra money? Put your car to work! Your car will be covered under our $2M in liability 0-deductible insurance policy during each booking for no extra cost to you!

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