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The Flooz Wallet is the simplest way to buy, trade and manage any token on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (more coming soon). It works for any fungible ERC 20 token or NFT. We are onboarding the next 100m users onto the blockchain.

Your journey with the Flooz Wallet starts by creating a wallet.
Either create a new wallet (1 click) or import your Seedphrase from any other wallet. Each wallet can be enriched with a title, description, Discord / Twitter username. You can create as many wallets as you like.

Now that you have a Flooz wallet, converting cash to crypto is a breeze. Click on (+ Buy), enter the amount and hit buy with A-/ G-Pay or credit card.We’ve partnered with Moonpay, RampNetwork, Transak & Sendwyre and analyse all provider to ensure you get the most out of your buck!

Swap allows you to trade any token on any supported chain at the cheapest price and fastest routes. We analyze >40 different decentralized exchanges to offer you the best price. Simply select Swap, select the token pair, e.g. $ETH to $APE, enter the amount and hit swap. Entered the wrong amount? Selected the wrong token pair? Don’t panic, we’ve all been there. That’s why we have added an “undo” button. It works like the “undo” button on Gmail. You can follow all your actions in the Activity view. We made sure to humanize your activities and made it human readable. Follow easily when you swapped, sent, received tokens, and more. Each item has a detailed view with more information about your action. Keepin it simple.

Sending money should feel like sending an SMS. Thus, Send allows you to send crypto to any wallet address or ENS domain. It’s simple: select Send, select the token you want to send (e.g. $USDC) or a NFT (e.g. Gen-F), enter the wallet address, add a message and hit send.
Made some gains? Just want to leave crypto because it's a bear market? No matter the reason, Sell allows you to send any crypto directly to your bank account. Simply select the crypto you would like to sell, enter your bank details and voilà, the money is on its way.
Connect Flooz to any DApp (decentralized application) using WalletConnect Hit Connect, scan the QR code, connect to MakerDAO, OpenSea, AxieInfinity, CurveFinance, etc. We automatically remove the connection & permissions you have granted to a DApp after a while.
Part of our mission is to remove all friction in crypto The same way, we aggregate all relevant decentralized exchanges for you, we will do the same for all NFT marketplaces (Opensea, LooksRare, Rarible, ...) You will be able to buy, sell and swap a NFT with one click. The above is merely the start of our journey. There is much more coming and we cannot wait to embark this journey with you.


Sürüm 1.1.11

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to the Flooz app, delivering exciting new features, enhanced functionality, and essential bug fixes. Don't miss out – update your app now to experience the following enhancements:
- Seed Phrase Backup: At Flooz, your security and peace of mind are paramount. In this release, we introduce the ability to securely back up your seed phrase to iCloud or Google Drive. This added layer of protection ensures that your valuable digital assets are safe and easily recoverable, even in unexpected circumstances.

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