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Imredi Audit Pro - a mobile application for audit of retail chains and task management solution for every in store task including OSA, PROMO, merchandising, expiration dates, development of skills and sales.

The application will help to transparently control key parameters and standards, ensure the effectiveness of the field team of auditors and supervisors, the operation of retail stores, provide the company's management with timely analytics and effective tools for monitoring and developing the retail chain.

Imredi Audit Pro is a unified tool to manage all in-store tasks that will not only automate the work of a sales team, supervisors, area managers, store managers, but also it is convenient and effective tool for retail chain analytics and corporate task management. Self Service mode, navigation and viewing of all stores on the map, route optimization, tracking team work in the application, dynamic checklists, dependent questions, barcode scanning, new types of SMART tasks, reports and analytics are some of the features of the Pro version.

The Imredi Audit Pro application will be the best option for solving important tasks for the development of a retail chain or distribution and sale of your products:
- Store Check / Perfect Store audits;
- Monitoring of prices, positions and competitors' activity;
- Analysis of new opportunities and assessment of potential (Retail Census);
- Analysis and monitoring of the effectiveness of the promo;
- Field training, staff skills development; Inventory, equipment accounting, etc.

- Imredi helps retailers to save and increase profit up to 7%:
- Securing standards compliance up to 100%;
- Increasing task execution up to 95%;
- Providing KPI and analytics at all levels;
- Giving insights and revealing points of growth.


Sürüm 2024.2

- The Audits, Tasks and Reports buttons on the Dot screen have become clickable;
- Detection of the use of FakeGPS in Audits;
- The beginning of the audit now requires mandatory confirmation;
- Sync request at the first login per day;
- Exchange of shifts: displaying applications only for the current year;
- Alerts about OSA signals in the notification center.

We also fixed several bugs and made various improvements.

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