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● 30+ personality tests in 450+ categories to know yourself. Focused on 6 critical wellbeing areas.
● Insights, shorts & action plan + AI content for self-growth based on your personality test results.

OST (One Simple Test) is an all-in-one platform for continuous personal growth where everything is focused on your personality and personality traits.

It’s the only app that takes a holistic approach for self awareness followed by a personality-based, comprehensive toolkit for true & personalized personal growth.

Try now for free to reinvent your life with holistic personality assessments powered by AI. Have a 24/7 guide for introspection and self growth to live your best life.

1. Understand yourself and identify your growth areas with our personality tests.
2. Then explore interconnected insights, actions, and resources, all tailored to your personality traits and specific development needs.

Our suite of 30+ personality tests, including MBTI personality tests, spanning 450+ categories, offers a deep dive into your character and behavior.

Start with the MBTI test, and analyze your personality in around 7 minutes. Then go deeper with more specific personality tests for each wellbeing area.

● Mental Wellbeing
ADHD Symptoms - Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
Anxiety Indicators
Critical Inner Voice
Depression Indicators & more..

● Social Wellbeing
Conflict Management Style
Drama Triangle - Victim, Persecutor, Rescuer
Loneliness Test
Schema Modes

● Career Wellbeing
Financial Wellbeing
SCARF: Social Relationship Model
Working Styles & Team Roles

● Personality
Complete Personality Inventory: 456 Items
Thinking Traps
4 Letter Personality Types (MBTI Myers Briggs)

● Family & Love
Negative Parenting Behavior
Parent-Child Relationship
Parenting Style
Relationship Health Check Up

● Positive Psychology
Life Satisfaction Formula
PERMA - Authentic Happiness of Seligman
Self-Actualization & more..

Each psychological assessment test result unlocks a series of Shorts – concise, targeted content that brings clarity to your scores. They help you grasp the implications of your test results. Analyze the completed shorts for each Wellbeing Area within the OST app.

What sets OST apart from the other personality tests and quizzes that focus on personality traits, is the custom action plan based on your results, as well as AI content and blogs.

Our personalized action suggestions are accompanied by a planning tool with reminders and categories to track your progress. Set and monitor achievable goals (eg. meditation, exercise, seeking feedback etc.) directly in the app, based on your test results, to actively enhance areas like career, mental health, and personal relationships.

Our resources from the OST Insights newsletter include engaging blogs and articles. They are the perfect addition to the insights about your specific personality traits. Use these resources as valuable knowledge to support your journey of self-awareness and self-growth.

• all in one platform for self-analysis and personal growth.
• based on scientifically validated tests and assessments.
• 30+ in-depth personality tests in 450+ categories.
• 6 wellbeing areas for assessment and growth.
• shorts (insights and actions) for each test result.
• action plan with tracker and reminders.
• blogs and articles with expanded insights.
• AI-generated visuals.

► Download now FREE to empower YOUR unique journey of self-discovery and personal development!

► Terms of Use: https://www.onesimpletest.com/termsofservice


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15 Oy

15 Oy

Absinth75435 ,

Nice Job👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I got the chance to try the new application after the promotion in the alumni group where I received coaching training. It is an easy-to-use and understandable application for those who have chosen to add coaching and mentoring awareness to themselves and their clients as their life goal. In fact, a very refined application has been created where many methods are brought together. I send my congratulations to its creator.

Emre Gürsoy-EGG Consultancy

Memphls ,

Great app!!

I was skeptic about a personality test app but OST is delivering results. The content feels personalized and effective at the same time. Developing team spend so much thought and experience on this app.

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! We are thrilled to hear that OST has positively impacted your journey towards personal growth and self-awareness. Our team puts a lot of care into ensuring that each personality quiz is insightful and aids in your personal and career development. Your feedback motivates us to keep enhancing the wellness and intellectual enrichment our app provides. Looking forward to supporting your continuous personal development!

Beginnerr123 ,

Personel coach in your pocket

As someone who use many personal development apps I can easily says that OST is different. The dept of personality tests and results helps me to better understand myself and my issues. It is like a personal coach in your pocket. I strongly suggest it to everyone.

Geliştirici Yanıtı ,

Thank you so much for your kind words!

We're delighted to hear that OST stands out among personal development apps and serves as a personal coach in your pocket.

Understanding the depth of your personality and addressing personal growth challenges are at the core of what we aim to provide.

We appreciate your recommendation and are here to support your journey towards greater self-awareness and wellness. Keep exploring the many facets of your persona with our personality tests!

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