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Because the diagnostic tools such as MRI, CT, etc. have become routine medical procedures, sectional anatomy has drastically become more important part of anatomy courses in Medical schools. My goal was to design a practical interactive visual application for students studying anatomy that would help them understand complicated sectional anatomy of human body.
I have used 360 sectional images from the visible human male dataset of National Library of Medicine.
This atlas app enables the user to navigate through the human body and select an sectional region of interest to examine fine details of anatomy. The program itself was designed to afford a great deal of interactivity and to be very easy to use. Each anatomical structure can be identified by just taping finger on it. They are all labeled based on Terminologia Anatomica of FCAT. 

Professor of Human Anatomy

How to Use
By using the slice navigator tool on the left, the user can easily navigate up and down and bring sections of the same human body onto the scene automatically. Than by taping onto the anatomical structures turns on/off their labels on the current slice.
Pins on and levels on buttons enable user to see all the labeled structures of current section.
Pencil on button brings a tool to circle freely around images. It is useful especially for instructors who uses the application for teaching purposes.

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