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Make money on your terms with your phone!

Become a Shepherd and get paid to carry out simple, local checks on everything from billboards to bus stops - no special skills necessary!

With fun and varied jobs, you’ll be supporting well-known brands and businesses (L’Oreal, Aviva, The National Lottery and more) while getting paid.

Join our network of over 40,000 (and growing) Shepherds who are already making money on their terms. Simply choose jobs in your local area that suit your schedule and start making money in your spare time.

• Choose a job near you on the map
• Read the description and accept the job
• Visit the location and follow the tasklist: take photos and answer questions
• Get paid to the in-app Wallet, which you can withdraw from whenever you want

Download the app and join in minutes and we’ll guide you through the whole process. Chat to our dedicated support team using the in-app chat if you ever need help.

• Scroll around the map to find jobs
• Personalised messages so you hear about the jobs that matter to you
• View and select jobs from the Market
• In-app directions to the job location
• View history and payment in the Wallet
• Get paid at the end of any month automatically, or withdraw whenever you want
• Live chat with our dedicated support team so you’re never alone on the job


Sürüm 5.0.1

Hey Shepherds. We've made it even easier to access live support from within the app this week!
New Features:
* Moved the live chat button to the homepage.
* Moved the live chat button to the top of the job screen during a job.
* Changed the ID card layout during a job.
* Made the filters easier to use.
* Added completion comments to green success popup.
Bug Fixes:
* Accepted job counter now increments properly.
* Timer jobs count down only from the start of the job time.

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