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Sources is a simplified github client for reading the source code easily and comfortably.

Repos can be searched and sorted by stars, forks, latest updated time or just best matched. Sources presents the README in front of you along with other important metrics of the repo.

Aim for reading and studying the source code with ease, Sources provides you whole code file with plenty of colorful syntax highlight themes and a recent list for reviewing the code, just like you view the code in any IDE or editor on your computer.

Plus, Sources offers several paid features, such as saving the recent items when app enters into background, storing more recent items and unlocking more wonderful themes.

In addition to the paid feature mentioned, you can unlock all the paid features in the future versions which will include:

- change fonts
- view commits
- download repos or single files
- show line numbers
- and more stunning features

All of above will available after you buy me a coffee!

If you have advices and suggestions or want more features, please let me know about what you think:
- Sina Weibo: iVulgur
- Twitter: iVulgur
- Email: shudao.wang@me.com


Sürüm 1.2.2

Fix bugs in searching

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Shudao Wang adlı geliştirici, gizlilik politikasını ve verileri işleme ayrıntılarını Apple’a vermemiştir.

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Bir sonraki uygulama güncellemesini teslim ederken geliştiricinin gizlilikle ilgili bilgi vermesi gerekir.


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