A super-easy photo trick

Set up your shots to make your photos more artful.

Learning to frame your photos can turn ordinary shots into stunning ones. Potential frames (windows, doorways, mirrors) are all around you – you’ll see them once you start looking at your surroundings with a creative eye.

Utilising photo apps like SKRWT or Camera+ Legacy (both of which offer quick and easy cropping), try these five easy ways to explore the possibilities.

Seek out built-in frames

Strong angles and lines create literal frames around your subject, drawing the viewer’s eye to the main attraction.

Architectural structures like windows, archways and doorways are perfect ready-made frames. Use the grid in your iPhone’s Camera app to guide placement of your subject in relation to the in-photo frame. Position your subject in the centre for a dramatic effect, or off to the side to create negative space.

Find frames in ordinary objects

An ordinary crate gives this photo structure and makes the fruit pop as the focal point of the image.

You’re probably sitting near an everyday object right now that could be used as a frame. Explore trees, food, people, cars, furniture, clouds or even lines on the pavement. Play with the position of your subject among these ordinary items until you get the best photo. The options are endless and only expand as you get more creative.

Use light and shadow

The name of the game here is to create contrast and context.

Here’s an unexpected way to use framing for dramatic effect. Keep an eye out for light coming into a dark room. You can also find a prominent shadow, or place a light object on a dark background. Any of these techniques can produce an unforgettable image.

Frame with colour

To create intrigue, pair a bright blue sky with a vivid urban wall (and bold fashion statements while you’re at it).

Colours form some of the most striking combinations for framing. They can be complementary or analogous, warm or cool – they just need to draw the eye in.

Play with focus

Your iPhone will automatically lock and sharpen focus on the subject closest to you.

Sharpening focus on your subject and allowing the background to blur is a clever and easy way to form a frame. Using your iPhone, position the subject close to your camera and watch it sharpen while the background automatically blurs. The focal contrast will give your pic a sense of depth and context.

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