Flakes - AR Video Effects

Snow, Confetti, Sparkles, more


Using video-editing app Flakes is like getting a playful beginner’s course in AR (augmented reality) – with a healthy slice of social media capital.

The interface is straightforward and intuitive to anyone who has ever used a basic photo app. Pick your special effect from the bottom of the screen where filters typically live, point your camera and hit the red button to start shooting your video. Immediately, the effects will be overlaid onto your screen.

There are four free filters – technicolour confetti, stars, snowflakes and hearts – and three levels of intensity. At level one, the flakes of confetti will move slowly and naturalistically through your frame, while on the third setting, they will come thick, fast and frantic.

There are options to shoot wide or in close-up, with sound or without, and to experiment with the duration of your looping video. Adding the imagination is up to you.

Besides the four free filters, there are six special ones – including bubbles, rose petals and gold-leaf confetti, which can be unlocked.

You can share videos straight to your usual social media feeds, or save them and upload to Instagram. Flakes is AR, but not as you know it.