5 Tinder tips to break the ice

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So you found a match on Tinder – maybe even a few. But now comes the hard part: kicking off a conversation.

Not sure where to start? Fear not. Tinder’s research team, which analyses usage data and customer feedback, offered these five tips on breaking the ice.

Pay a compliment

Why not let your match know what caught your eye? Say something nice, then follow up with a question. “Nice shot – where was that taken?” or “Cool shoes – where’d you get them?” will get the ball rolling.

Be funny

“Know any good jokes?” It’s an easy way in. Be ready with one of your own. Tell it your way, keep it clean and if sarcasm is your second language, show off your fluency.

Finding a match on Tinder is just the first step. Don’t be intimidated by the blank chat screen.

Share two lies and a truth

Looking for a bold opener that grabs attention right out of the gate? Throw out a fact and two fibs about yourself and ask your match to guess which one is real.

Check their bio

Your match’s bio is a gold mine for conversation starters. If they didn’t post one, try this: “No bio? Why so mysterious?” Then let them fill the void.

Admit you’re tongue-tied

Honesty is the best policy – and a welcome alternative to “Hey, what’s up?” Why not try “I know I want to talk to you, but I’m not sure what to say. I’m open to suggestions!” and take it from there?

    Tinder - Dating & Meet People

    Chat, Date & Make New Friends