Become the next big influencer

Discover how apps can help make you the next big Instagram star.

Social media is no longer just an outlet for us to humblebrag to those “friends” we haven’t spoken to since school. The rise of the influencer has made our favourite social platforms an outlet from which to create #brandyou and turn your interests into your potential profession.

Dream of growing your following? Want to shape the latest trends rather than chase after them? These apps can help transform your social accounts from a piece of personal pride into the envy of the influencer community.

Enhance your uploads

Create your own unique look with VSCO’s customisable filters.

Yes, that image you captured is solid, but so are the thousands of others being posted right now. To make your snaps and videos stand out you’re going to want to do a bit of editing. And that doesn’t mean settling for stock filters.

Using VSCO you can transform your standard snap into an eye-catching, like-generating image. And one that has your own, unique style. By tweaking everything from contrast and saturation to clarity and grain you can create your own filters that, in turn, can be saved and applied to future shots.

    VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

    Creative Tools & Video Stories


Fine-tune your feed

Unum lets you preview your feed ahead of upload.

One image doesn’t make an account. If you’ve set your sights on being an influencer you’ll need a carefully curated feed where each image stands out while fitting seamlessly with those around it. Helping you cover both basis, Unum allows you to create a dummy feed for an early look at your eventual outcome.

Drop your edited images into your grid and you can move things at will to get a sense of the best possible posting order. It works even when you’re offline. With Unum you can also see metrics from past posts – to work out when is best to drop that next image and check what hashtags are working for you.

    UNUM — Design Layout & Collage

    IG Photo, Video, Story Editor


Spruce-up your stories

Don’t overlook your Instagram Stories, give them an upgrade instead.

You’ve gained a following, so now you’ve got to keep them happy. While Instagram Stories can help engage your followers, Canva: Stories Editor & Maker can give these time-restricted posts the attention they deserve.

Helping you transform your Stories into carefully curated posts in their own right, this app offers a range of customisable templates to help shape your static images and videos alike. You can trim and edit content before uploading, retaining a look that fits with the brand you’ve created.

    Canva: Insta Story & Video

    Video Collage, Highlight Cover


Create an ever-present presence

Schedule posts using Planoly to keep on top of your uploads.

Between capturing the perfect shots, keeping on top of trends and replying to your followers, there’s still the small matter of regularly updating your social feeds. Ensuring you don’t let your personal brand wane when your to-do list is piling up, Planoly lets you schedule future posts.

Dictate exactly when your desired uploads appear by scheduling posts and planning out future updates to your stories. A handy calendar ensures you don’t lose track of all your future uploads.

    PLANOLY: Plan, Schedule, Post

    Simplifying social marketing