Supersize your Clash Royale skills

Get ready for Clan Wars with these tips.

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Clash Royale just got even more competitive. The new Clan Wars mode is live now, and is exactly what the name suggests: a series of battles between rival clans which feed into the new Clan War Leagues.

So, it’s time to get serious. We’ve found the below tips useful in the heat of battle.

Think tank

‘Tanks’ like Golem and P.E.K.K.A. are huge, slow-moving but very powerful units that absorb a lot of damage. A common tactic is to drop these guys behind your tower to give you the longest possible time for Elixir to build up. This means you can add ‘support’ units to your attack as it moves across the battlefield.

Pair a Golem with an Inferno Dragon and Mega Minion, for example, and you’ve got a formidable combo. If your opponent fails to counter properly, they’re toast.

Inferno Dragon (left) and Golem (right) are a solid 'tank' combo.


The above ‘tank’ tactic is very popular, but there’s a way to nullify this threat if you keep getting beaten by it. Golems will always head towards the nearest building unit, so drop a Tombstone (unlocked from Arena 2) in the middle of the Arena and they’ll head toward it, buying you more time to take it out. The Inferno Tower, unlockable once you reach Arena 4, is great at this too.

Looking to take down a Golem? Distract it with an Inferno Tower.


Here’s a quick combo to wrongfoot an opponent: Elite Barbarians (unlockable from Arena 7) and a Hog Rider (Arena 4). You’ll have to wait to build up a maximum 10 Elixir, but it’s often worth it.

If you’ve been trying to work on one tower but getting no joy, drop both cards in the other lane for a surprise raid. These characters are super fast and can take a Tower out in seconds if unopposed.

Launch a Hog Rider-Elite Barbarian combo for quick damage.

Get electric

Zap is always part of our battle deck. You can unlock it once you reach Arena 5, and it’s incredibly useful – it costs just two Elixir and takes out crowds of ‘swarm’ type enemies – Skeletons, Goblins, Minions, Bats, Fire Spirits and more. It’s useful as an offensive unit too: if you’re using a ‘tank’ strategy it can keep your big, powerful units free of swarmers.

Ready, aim, Zap! One poke of a finger and these Skeletons are gone.

Now you’re ready to enter the Clan Wars. Good luck!

    Clash Royale

    Epic Real-Time Card Battles!